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What is the BAM Conference?

Where BAM Practitioners, Mentors, and Seekers Come Together
The BAM Conference is a three day event designed to give you a taste of what is happening around the world in business as mission. Key leaders, practitioners, and academics are coming from around the world to share their insights into how God is using business to advance His Kingdom. Come and see how the movement is gaining momentum as God inspires each of us to use the work and talents He has given us to spread the gospel to all peoples.

2018 will be the 8th conference held in the USA by BAM Training.

Who should attend?

Business People

Academics & Students

Mission Personnel

Church Leaders


We invite speakers from around the world, to share from their experiences, using Business as a strategy to bring long-term transformation to communities and peoples’ lives. Every year we invite different people from different locations and background, to learn from diverse experience.

2018 Schedule coming soon

Conference Components


Plenary Sessions



Roundtable Discussions

Prayers & Worship

Sample Schedule

7:15-8:00 A.M. PRAYER & WORSHIP
Optional: Feel free to join us for a time of prayer and acoustic worship to start the day on the right note.
Landa reveals a perspective not often addressed from the pulpit: the Bible is the foundation from which great business flows. The idea of business as a means of global blessing is God’s idea. Dig into His word and bring greater social justice to your community through your business.
Speaker: Landa Cope
9:45-10:00 A.M. COMFORT BREAK
Please can the original CEO step forward! It’s God. He is always there. Do we choose to invite Him to the head of the board room or with us at our desks? Bill’s challenge to walk with God in the office, rather than just asking Him to bless our businesses, will motivate our decisions, our trust, and our impact.
Speaker: Bill Job
The workplace is where we spend the majority of our waking hours, where we are able to build real relationships with our co-workers. Jesus has called us to take his Good News to the ends of the earth. Put those things together and hear about the unique opportunity business people have to bridge the gap and reach those who have not yet had the chance to hear the gospel.
Speaker: Peter Shaukat
12:30-1:30 P.M. LUNCH
1:30 P.M.-2:15 P.M. BREAKOUT SESSION 1
Nurturing a Profitable and Spiritually-Focused Company – Bill Job

Building Momentum for BAM in Your Church – Marshall Smith

Thriving in Difficult Business Environments – Peter Shaukat

Students and Millennial Professionals: Discovering Your Role in BAM – J Lee

BAM Curriculum, Research and Opportunities in Academia Part 1 – Mick Bates

2:15-2:30 P.M. COMFORT BREAK
2:30 P.M.-3:15 P.M. BREAKOUT SESSION 2
Go Shake Some Hands, Tips on Networking and Sales – Josh Tolley

Building Strong Business Partnerships – Matt K

Women’s Panel: Confident in your Calling – Crystal Knotek

How I invested my Talents and Treasures in Consulting BAM Businesses – David Skews

Best Practices for Mission Agencies Part 1 – Mats Tunehag

God is raising up a bastion of global business leaders to impact the world. As the movement grows we need to understand the gaps that need bridging – so we can fortify ourselves and make the most impact. How can we fulfill the roles needed in today’s global BAM Ecosystem?
Speaker: Mats Tunehag
4:45-5:00 P.M. COMFORT BREAK
What barriers keep you from being a business starter? We are created to create and take leadership. Adjusting our perspective on leadership and wealth moves us towards action to accomplish God’s purposes for our lives.
Speaker: Josh Tolley
6:00-7:30 P.M. DINNER
Your chance to connect with other attendees interested in business as mission. Make new friends, grow your network and learn about opportunities around the world.



I came to learn about BAM, and was surprised by how great the networking was! Turned out to be the most valuable part of the conference, by far. I also really appreciated the millennial speaker – very real, challenging, and Christ-centered!
Kristina M.




The 2017 BAM Conference expanded my understanding of how much – and how many different ways – Business as Mission is happening all over the world , as well as here in the U.S.

Dave P.




The BAM conference helps us realign our thinking and reminds us to keep Christ at the middle of everything whether in business or life.

Andrew C.




Fantastic! The variety of speakers and topics and way the Holy Spirit and the team wove them together: BAM the good and bad, big and small, vision and reality, young and old, practical and academic. Plus great networking with new friends and catching up with long term friends. I am refreshed and encouraged! Thanks for all your hard work- it will bear the fruit of eternal friends!

Bob B.




Great conference. Absolutely loved it. Please keep the whova app active until the conference next year so that we can all connect with each other and help to form BAM businesses and communities. The app is the best. I flew half- way around the Globe to this conference and it was really worth it. Thanks organisers!
David P.




Thanks for a great conference! What impressed me most from the plenary speakers was their dynamic relationships with God in which they received timely guidance in their ventures and a joyful intimacy with their Father. Thanks for providing that inspiring example.

T.C Johnstone




Last year’s BAM conference in LA significantly influenced and affirmed the direction I am now headed in my life regarding international BAM. This year’s BAM conference in Dallas only challenged and inspired me further, providing opportunities to make practical first steps in pursuing this calling.

Keaton D.


Conference in Action

Invaluable Networking Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my hotel room included in the ticket price?

No, the hotel room is not included in the ticket price. However, we have negotiated great rates with the hotel, and the link to get to those great rates is in the Location section of the website on the Home page.

I have some food allergies, do you cater for special food requests that I have?

Yes, we can work with the following special requests. Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Lactose Free, Nut Free.

I am coming on my own, and I would like to share the cost of the hotel room with another delegate, can you help me?

We understand, and yes, the best route to a room sharing solution is via our Event App. You will get access to the App in July and will be able to post on the message board about your need to share a room.

I have security concerns, what do you do for people like me that want to remain completely anonymous during the BAM Conference weekend.

Very good question! We take this issue very seriously and we provide the following options:
a) When registering you can choose what name you have on your badge.
b) Before the Conference you can develop your Event App profile as anonymously as you want to. This enables you to network at the conference without sharing sensitive information.
c) You can opt to wear a different color lanyard at the Conference so that people know not to take your photo. All photos taken by our official conference photographer are double-checked before being used to make sure no one is in photos who should not be.
We have worked with people in this situation for 20+ years and we will do our best to serve you. Please let us know about any other concerns you may have.

How do I get from the airport to the conference hotel?

You have a few options, including: Uber, Taxi, pre arranged Airport to Hotel shuttle with Rapid Rover. You can also use the Event App to see if others are arriving at the same time and share a ride!

Is there free wifi at the hotel?


Is there a group discount rate?

Yes. Please email us at info@bamtraining.org for information about that!!

Do you provide child care?

We do not have the legal authority to look after children, and due to various challenges to offering child care, we do not offer any. Children under the age of 1 years can come with their parents, as long as the parents are sensitive to the noise being made by the child in the plenary or breakout sessions.

Conference Sponsors and Partners

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BAM Training hosts courses and conferences serving a growing number of individuals, companies, churches, organizations and networks active in the business as mission movement around the world. In partnership with the Business as Mission Resource Team, we create and curate content that affirms the calling of business professionals and equips them as they integrate their faith into their everyday work. For more information, visit bamtraining.org

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