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BAM Conference Founding Team

The Business as Mission Resource Team has been serving the BAM movement since 2001. In 2010, David Skews and Mark Plummer took initiative to develop a US based conference that would serve the growing interest in Business as Mission in the US. Since that time we have served business owners and professionals, universities students and academics, non profits & mission agencies, and the local church through the BAM Conference.

As the Business as Mission Resource team, we have been directly involved with BAM Conferences since 2003 when we were part of a team that hosted 180 people at an international conference on BAM in Thailand.
Since then we have lead conferences in 2004 (Thailand), 2010 (US), 2011 (US), 2012, (US), 2013 (Thailand and US), 2014 (US), 2016, (US) and most recently in Dallas in September 2017 with over 400 delegates.

Mark Plummer

As the Director of Business as Mission (BAM) Training and Consulting for a decade, I have networked with and trained individuals from dozens of countries from all business sectors.

Our programs provide hands-on training that allows entrepreneurs and professionals to pursue next steps in making their companies fulfill multiple bottoms lines; not just economically, but also spiritually, socially, and environmentally. Many of our alumni have taken significant steps to strengthen their faith-based and social enterprise objectives, as well as determining ways to grow and scale.

David Skews

David Skews is a business person called to missions. He founded EDP Health Safety & Environment Consultants Ltd, and served as CEO for over 25 years. In 2004, he began to focus on establishing schools for entrepreneurs in Asia and Africa as well as lecturing about business as mission.

David is equally comfortable in business and mission settings and regularly speaks to gatherings of professionals to share valuable insights into the reality of being a follower of Christ engaged in business. He currently acts as a non-exec director for several successful BAM companies and is involved in mentoring some 35 startups.

BAM Global and Mats Tunehag are important partners with us in this conference. The BAM movement is global, the renewal of the call to business is taking place all over the world, and we are excited to partner together with BAM Global, and their ambassador, Mats Tunehag.

We partner with other BAM focused organisations, particularly where they bring added value to the BAM community.





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BAM Training hosts courses and conferences serving a growing number of individuals, companies, churches, organizations and networks active in the business as mission movement around the world. In partnership with the Business as Mission Resource Team, we create and curate content that affirms the calling of business professionals and equips them as they integrate their faith into their everyday work. For more information, visit bamtraining.org

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