David Skews

David is a globally connected entrepreneur and business developer, serving in the BAM Space for 20 years. Working with BAM Training since 2009, he sold his business in 2014 to dedicate his life to the extension of the Kingdom through business.

Mark Plummer

Mark has been working in the BAM Space for more than 20 years, at the heart of all he does is a passion to see people move forward and be changed. He enjoys the challenge of creating win-win opportunities through relational business processes!

Mark and David (pictured above with the rest of their team) have been working together for more than 12 years to develop BAM conferences and training. The BAM Conference is an initiative of BAM Training Ltd, which hosts courses and conferences serving the growing number of individuals, companies, churches, organizations, and networks active in the Business as Mission movement around the world. We have been directly involved with BAM Conferences since 2003 when we were part of a team that hosted 180 people at an international conference on BAM in Thailand. Since then we have led conferences in Thailand, Romania, and the USA, most recently in Silicon Valley in October 2019 with over 450 delegates.

Business as Mission is part of a broader movement of Kingdom Businesses or Business for Transformation. We are proud to work alongside many other organizations dedicated to furthering the gospel through profitable business ventures among unreached people groups.




An initiative of

BAM Training was established in 2008 to serve the growing business as mission movement, through training, coaching and consulting. We utilize our global network and longevity in the BAM space to deliver world class products and services, while leveraging our business and global marketplace experience to serve our customers. For more information, visit bamtraining.org

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